In New South Wales, the Roads & Maritime Services require vehicle’s older than 5 years to have an e-safety inspection when renewing your registration.
Here at Mason’s Tyres & Mechanics, our qualified mechanics can carry out reliable registration inspections on your vehicle to ensure it is in tip-top shape and will always keep you safe!
With no appointment necessary, we should be able to have your registration inspection finished in as little 15 - 20 minutes, getting you back on the road in no time at all. We can also inspect vehicles fitted with LPG (by appointment only).
With 20% off all registration inspections, why not pop in to see our team!
As a QBE agent, we are also able to quote your Compulsory Third Party Insurance (green slip) for your vehicle and process payments online by your Visa or Mastercard, offering a one-stop-shop for all your registration needs.


If you’re looking at buying a vehicle or have recently purchased one, our experienced and dedicated mechanics can perform a pre or post-purchase inspection for you.
From as little as $50 per vehicle, we can provide you with some much needed peace of mind in the knowledge that the vehicle you have just purchased or are about to purchase is road safe for you and your family.


  • Road test to check engine performance, engine noises, transmission, brake operation etc
  • Interior inspection to check seat belts, seats, other trims, doors, locks and hinges, window operation, horn, warning lights, wipers etc
  • Exterior inspection to check for rust, body repairs, windows and mirrors, paint, exterior panels etc.
  • Underbody inspection to check for accident damage, suspension, steering, exhaust system, shock absorbers or struts, wheel bearings etc.
  • Engine compartment to check for fumes or smoke, fluid levels, radiator and hoses, drive belts and pulleys, fuel system, engine and gearbox mounts etc.
  • Inspect tyres, including spare wheels
  • Inspect brakes, including handbrake, brake pads and rotors or drums, wheel cylinders and shoes, etc.